Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ok... So eerily as soon as I posted my last entry about the e-mail I received I got a phone call from Heather (My placement Officer).  She was super nice and gave me the words that I wanted to hear "I would to talk to you about a position I am considering you for." So we talked and then she said "I would like to officially invite you to the Peace Corps to Depart in Early April for Asia"  HECK YEAH!!!!
So All I know right now is that it is Asia, Early April, and I will be living with a host family for the entire 2 years that I am there. How awesome is that!  I will get the details of the program and country that I will be serving in within the next week. She is sending out my packet tomorrow via UPS. I can't wait to get it! I have no idea where is Asia I will be going, but I know it is going to be awesome!
I have told my whole family and everyone is super excited. Though in shock because even though they said there were no guarantees, we were still really planning on an Eastern European destination.  This is going to the adventure of a lifetime and I cannot wait. I am so excited, but I am getting scared at the same time. There was still a part of me that had doubts that I would even get an invitation. 
So In a few days I will know to which country I will be going... I can't wait!

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