Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wild Card...

So after waiting for an e-mail from my Placement Officer I finally got one! However, It was a little disappointing...yet exciting at the same time!  All of the Education programs for the January-March time frame that I was nominated for have been filled. SOOOO.... that kinda of stinks because now I have to wait longer!(And we all know how well I have done with the waiting thus far). She goes on to say to be patient as it is a Core Expectation of the Peace Core (Patience) and to be flexible..... OK. Now the exciting part of the e-mail....

"In looking for an alternate program for you, I will be focusing on upcoming programs in  Eastern Europe, Caucuses, Central Asia, Asia, and Africa departing April June 2011.  If you have a strong preference for one of these regions, feel free to note it, *with the understanding that ultimate Placement determinations are based first and foremost on Peace Corps’ programming, and applicant preferences are never guaranteed."

 So I have absolutely No earthly clue as to where I might be sent! There are more regions in the mix now and each one holds their own appeal! So here is to more waiting.... and the Wild Card factor! Lets see where it leads!

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