Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rocky start to 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Well, it started off that way. I ended up spending the weekend with my sister and her family. My nieces always are a blast and keep me busy. I went to head home, back to Chattanooga and my car started acting funny.... It is a stick shift and my car would not go above 60mph and it was revving something terrible. Then the smell of burning clutch filled the inside of my car. It was Not good! So I had to get my sister to come and pick me up off the side of the interstate..... And I think I may have hit a poor skunk or at least scared the crap out of him when I pulled off the road because the skunk smell was outrageous! So I called into work and will be spending tomorrow trying to get my car fixed. Thank goodness Firestone is open on Sunday!

since this happened I Had to get someone to cover my shift at work tomorrow. So since Kristina is doing that for me I will need to cover a day for her on her to make it up to her. That means that I will not be able to get my wisdom teeth out on Thursday as planned. I will call on Monday and reschedule for next week hopefully. It shouldn't be that big of a deal since I just need to have them removed before my departure.

In the meantime I am trying not to freak out and take a few deep breaths. It will all be ok, and the New Year will get back on track to being fantastic!


  1. You're right, it will get back on track. This isn't anything you can't have fixed and take care of. It sucks, yes, but you're a brilliant and very smart lady (whom I love dearly), and you're more than capable of getting everything all fixed!

    Ps. I love you to death and you're awesome!

  2. Well if this is how the year starts - it only has to get better now.

    Keep taking some deep breaths and relax. The car will be fixed, the oral surgery will be rescheduled and go off without a problem and you will get the assignment of your dreams.